Come to the Quiet

is a collection of short poems and personal reflections from Cindy Lurie’s lifetime of working through the Spirit to enhance the lives of loved ones, friends and acquaintances.  The concepts for her reflections have evolved from personal devotion, and her work as a Missionary Cenacle Apostolate.


From the Heart

is a simple inspirational volume that is useful for anyone who wants to grow in his or her relationship with Jesus Christ.  It's poetry is a reflection of the author's own faith life with a message that will touch the hearts of those who ponder its pages.


Carolyn and Her Tiny Red House (no longer in publication - see Carolyn's Big Decision below!)

is a children's picture book that presents the delightful, whimsical story of a young girl’s journey to find space from her “packed-in-so-tightly” tiny red house.  This perfectly rhymed and rhythmic story will amuse and entertain young listeners and encourage fun reading for early readers.


Sashi and Sam

is a children's picture book about Sam the dog, who just found out his human mommy is going to have a baby...but he's not sure what that is.  Could it be a new toy for him?  Or maybe another puppy like he is?  Discover the wonderful surprise in store for Sam and for his family in Sashi and Sam.


Together in My Heart

is a children's picture book about the special relationship of a grandmother (Nonni) and her grandaughter (Rian.)  As they go through each day, a special love brings them ever closer, and "together in their hearts."


Buried Feet (available now!)

is a rich mix of haiku and free verse poetry for adult readers.  This engaging volume takes  mundane, everyday things and elevates them to an inviting read.  Published by Big Table Publishing Company, Newton Centre, MA.  Available on


A Special Magic (available now!)

When Liam finally gets the okay to use his elf magic to help a real, human boy, he can’t wait to get started. Liam is sure some tippity-tappity dance steps, a few sing-a-long songs, and a dash of sprinkle sparkle can tackle any problem that might arise. But is his boy Asher trying to ride a two-wheeler? All by himself? When best efforts meet the unexpected, both Liam and Asher realize they’re going to need more practice! A Special Magic, written for children ages 4-7 is a tale of self-reliance that invites readers to discover what elf magic can and cannot do!  The beautiful illustrations were prepared by Julie Edwards (



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Mazy and Molly (available now!)  
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Mazy and Molly and the No TV Week is unique, in that it offers its readers (and listeners) a picture-book length limerick. Written in rhythm and rhyme, this quirky, fun read elicits silliness and giggles galore! 

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is the sweet tale of a new, little one’s first friends.  Though time goes by, and the boy, book and blankie grow and change, they will always be the best of friends, sharing snuggles and love.

Baby, Book, and Blankie (available now!)  
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is a compilation of rhyme, rhythm, free verse and haiku poetry written for children ages

4 – 8.  This volume will tickle the sillies, spark the imagination, inspire creativity, and encourage fun reading and listening skills!

The Lemon Bread Compromise (available now!)  
Carolyn's Big Decision (available now!)  

is a new story that is inspired from Carolyn and Her Tiny Red House (no longer in publication).  It is a delightful, whimsical story of a young girl’s desire to find space from her over-the-top, packed-in-so-tightly, no-room-for-a-sneeze, tiny red house. Carolyn visits Mrs. Denby who lives in the mansion next door. Will the magical adventures and humungous spaces make Carolyn decide to stay there forever?

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